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Rumour has it that Sir Trevor the Younger (i.e.Phillips , not McDonald) has some funds to use for Legacy of the slave trade abolition.

Sir Trevor

Did this money come from banks? from the corporate sector?

And how much? Was it really for reparations? And what will it be used for?

And does that mean it was in the trillions as calculated by Dr Robert Beckford when researching the issue of back pay for Africans building up the British empire? Or something less?

Is it true? Initial searches on the net reveal little, even though it is said he announced this windfall. (Gee it’s hard to find kind things being said about this man, with his head so far above the parapet – being hated on by black and white in equal measure)

Well seems like some more research needed here?

So what do YOU know? Any comments?

Is this just a rumour??



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We’ve heard all the great speeches from Malcolm to Martin
Now we have this last chance left…….
To rise up out of the ashes of slavery
Time is a very important element in this journey
We can’t afford to be 24 carrot’d up
Addicted to retail and bling
Wasting time and spending on nonsense
We got grown men in toy stores like little children in candy stores
Buying PS2’s, 35 to 40, black men reduced to boys
Time dictates the agenda here
Time is God
Time is God
Enough said we got to feed our heads
The shit is piping over the pulpits, tv sets and radios
Hip Hop is moving the masses
We got to take back our children and guide them
When you love someone you develop the mental capacity to reach the thing that you love
No more nonsense
The airwaves are poison-ness with this jibberish
These grim hymns, black light
We need to get their ass off the mic
If Hip Hop is the seer in other voices
Why are the dead teaching the dead?
We got to end the reign of pimping and ho’ing as entertainment for the masses
Wasting time on nonsense
Time dictates the agenda here
Time is God
Time is God
Time is God
Some say we only have a little time left
We can use it wisely
To teach, think and rebuild our mental banks
Great people don’t ask comedians, actors and entertainers to lead
Great people produce what we need
For history to record our deeds as a great nation
Or will we continue to be a shell of a once great people?
Wasting time on nonsense
Time dictates the agenda here
Time is God
Time is God

How to sell soul (Time is God Refrain)”

Chuck D / Public Enemy


How to Sell Soul to a Souless People who Sold their Soul

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Heads seek more migrant funding

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The attainment of black children in England‘s schools has continued to improve, latest figures show. ……

To read more of this story click here (BBC News – 27.11.07)

Just quickly posting this up as don’t always want to be criticising.  We must make room also for celebrating achievement of young people.  We adults can’t get complacent though as there is still a HUGE amount of work to do, but let’s just pause a little and celebrate the hard work of our goodwill young peoople who want to achieve, who have ambition,  and who do not want to become a negative statistic or pander to the media myth of black folk. 

 A standing ovation for those black children who passed their exams. 

To find out who this is click here.

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It’s a blow to the cultural “offer” of the city that the Commonwealth museum is moving to London.  In it’s short time in Bristol it has hosted a wealth of exhibitions and events that have aimed to raise poignant questions for the whole city; for those born here and for those born elsewhere.

That said, there are also people in the city that have refused to even step inside due to it’s name, that won’t be sad to see it go.  It also came under criticism for it’s use of “smiley ethnic faces” in it’s publicity campaigns and posters for exoticising “others” and glossing over the brutality of much of the colonisation era.  In my view the museum would never be able to please all the people all the time and I feel it did it’s best to reflect the historical context of the British Empire in a balanced way; at times it’s exhibitions didn’t go far enough and in other times it was spot on.  I personally will be sad to see it go as at least it kept certain issues on the radar, and if they were not always agreed with, at least they could be debated. 

As for the name, I think it is more accurate and apt than most other “British” museums in the country, whose big attractions are mummies from Egypt and marbles from Greece. 

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Behind the scenes of a film shoot:

A young white English woman who specialises in Indian dance, applying make-up to a young Anglo-Asian actress for an African & Asian dance film. 

(The location for the shoot was the ‘passenger shed’ of the Empire & Commonwealth Museum.  It could have been filmed in any large empty space, and it was just convenient that the museum’s space was available.)

Is Bristol quite unique in these kinds of cultural cross overs, or are these kinds of experiences happening all over the country and all over the world? 

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