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So were enslaved Africans kept in caves under Redcliffe?

Were enslaved Africans kept in caves under Redcliffe in Bristol?

…Feelings and Opinions. Well however it goes, there is a book being published by the Bristol Race Forum that will try to address the myths and facts of the city and transatlantic slavery.

Slaves in Caves; Whiteladies Road; Blackboy Hill; “It’s all too long ago”; Cabot only traded pineapples… and a mix of prominent views and urban lore that usually gets attributed to Bristol’s maritime history will be addressed in this creative publication.

We have the brief on this site and will play a role in it’s making. Alongside Imayla, we aim to publish an accessible and enlightening piece of work that anyone can access.

We are also looking for your input.

So for Bristol this aspeect of its history lives on in a healthy way and can be addressed openly like many other aspects of the city’s past.


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