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The task is to make a book with community input into the process. The first part of this input was to go away for what one collaborator called a ‘co-creation’ exercise. A residential in Devon to and get immersed in the subject. Watched a film, wore our wellies, had some chats, ate some food, explored the aims of the project, addressed some questions, raised a whole lot more and came up with some starters for these. and…

the project page was started.


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The Culture Clash franchise rolls on.  Jamaicans in Bristol in the latest in the line of films that begin circa 2005. The first film was commissioned to look at conflicts between Somali and Caribbean heritage young men in the area. (An issue that has had history though does not prove to be a endemic problem. )

The first film (itself in 3 parts on youtube Рthis links to part one of that only)  produced back in 2006, worked with local young music talent to make an extended music video. Though there was always more wanted from a cinematic outlet. The people taking part were hungy to say more, to express their ideas, dreams and frustrations in music, drama and more filmmaking opportunities.

Culture Clash II – On the front line is more about Jamaican’s in Bristol The mantle was taken up by another St Pauls’ based company who have now built on ther story. Culture Clash II – On the front line now as a first part/trailer¬† published on myspace. This looks like intersting study and film, featuring some people who go back a long way into life in Bristol for African-Caribbeans.

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