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Response to this BBC article: (31.7.12)
Proof, if needed, that this government don’t care about Africa or the effects of empire, or any regard for the history of the nation they have inherited and the effects on the present for millions in the former colonies.  It’s not about guilt – that’s a red herring.  I have no interest in British people today feeling guilty for the past.  It’s about government responsibility to put things right.  It’s much deeper than giving aid and charity, which looks good at the time.  It’s about stopping the underdevelopment of Africa through the crippling agreements set by the IMF and the World Bank, and the ridiculous situation of African countries paying OUT more in loan payback than it was receiving, and many other ways the continent has been held back by the West. The legacy of Empire is plain to see worldwide.  African leaders of course also have to step up to their responsibilities and stop corruption and making themselves richer and their people poorer. The effects of colonialism is so deep and ingrained it continues to underdevelop without anyone having to pull any strings, such as the carving up of Africa across kinship lines that caused division between nation states and ‘tribes’, that is still the cause for many of the wars today.  For Hague to say we should “just relax” and “it’s a long time ago……”!!! Hague needs to go back to school.

Quotes from article:

While “a small minority” of people in Africa may still view Britain in “colonial terms”, the UK’s relationship with the continent was fundamentally different now. “This is a new and equal partnership,”

The UK, he suggested, should “just relax” about its role as an imperial power and the legacy of that period in its history, adding that “it is a long time ago, the retreat from empire”.”




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