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Friends say teacher loves to travel

Have been very speechless over Teddybeargate this past week.  As much as I may love the idea of Africa my ancestral homeland I will not defend her in all her decisions.

The decision of the Sudanese government and courts last week to jail Gillian Gibbons for allowing her school class to name a teddy bear Muhammed is absolutely shocking and depressing.  The Sudanese decision is, no other words to describe it, absultely f—ing ridiculous!!!

For one thing, it was named after a boy named Muhammed in her classroom and NOT the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).

The Islamists say they are angry becuase to name an inanimate object Muhammed is an insult and Idolatry.

The ‘Idolatry’ claim is the huge flaw in their theology. 

To place such importance on the name and not the Prophet Himself (pbuh) IS idolatry.

To place importance on any person other than the Prophet Muhammed himself (pbuh) just because they have the name Muhammed is idolatry.

To get offended by a teddybear with a name IS Idolatry as they are placing undue importance on an object that should not be feared. 

The only one to be feared is God Himself.

The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is much much more than His name.  For Islamists to believe otherwise is a flaw in their faith in their Beloved Prophet (pbuh).

If such importance and reverence was given to the name in the Muslim world then NO ONE should be allowed to be called that name as no one is as beloved or important as the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). 

The woman was just out there working helping out in the way she thought she could.

There is far too much hate in this world.  


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