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Story from BBC.

Morrissey saves anti-racism gig


Morrissey recently sued two magazines for suggesting he was racist

Singer Morrissey has stepped in to save an anti-racism music festival from possible financial ruin.

The Rock Against Racism concert is taking place in London on Sunday and organisers said it was facing a £75,000 deficit after a main sponsor withdrew.

But the former Smiths singer has made a personal donation and rallied together his management, promoters and booking agency to help make up the shortfall.

The star said it was a “historic event” that “must be allowed to go ahead”.

He hailed the free event’s “important, anti-racist, message”.

‘Generous contribution’

“This is something I am committed to and we appreciate everyone coming together so quickly to make it happen,” he said.

Organisers Martin Smith and Lee Billingham said they contacted Morrissey and other artists after the sponsorship fell through.

“We’re extremely grateful for Morrissey’s generous financial contribution,” they said.

Headliners at the concert in Victoria Park include The Good The Bad & The Queen, Jay Sean, Hard-Fi, The View and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly.

Morrissey recently won an apology from Word magazine for suggesting he was a racist and a hypocrite.

He is also suing the NME after it quoted him as saying Britain had lost its identity due to high levels of immigration.


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1. Morrissey has song titles and lyrics such as “Bengali In Platforms” and “National Front Disco”.

2. In Johnny Rogan’s biography of Morrissey he claims in his late teens the singer, wrote “I don’t hate Pakistanis, but I dislike them immensely”

3.  At the 1992 Madness Madstock! reunion concert at Finsbury Park, London, Morrissey appeared on stage draped in the Union Jack Flag with a backdrop for this performance of two female skinheads.  

4.  In the early days of the Smiths Morrissey is quoted as saying “”all reggae is vile”.

5. “Britain’s a terribly negative place. And it hammers people down and it pulls you back and it prevents you. Also, with the issue of immigration, it’s very difficult because although I don’t have anything against people from other countries, the higher the influx into England the more the British identity disappears.”  NME, 2007

Which one is being reffered to?

Why are people still so shocked????  

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