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This is something I wrote for another purpose a few days before Obama became president . I’ve tweaked it slightly just to make it self-contained so it can be read as a stand alone article. I was going to write a new article now Obama has won but decided not to. All I’ll write is; ‘Congratulations Barak. But now time to keep our feet on the ground and deal with the next day. We can’t look for qualities in Barak that we cannot also find in ourselves. Barak is not our saviour. I am my own saviour. Why look for others, when we have ourselves?’

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There are a collection of Chinese curses that spring to mind.

– May you live in interesting times.
– May you come to the attention of those in authority.
– May you find what you are looking for.

Anything peddled directly to/at the ‘black communities’ needs to be questioned, whether they are perceived to be bad, (like crack, guns and liquor stores), or perceived to be “”good”” things (like community/spiritual/political leaders, fashion, or affirmative action). They are all still products that someone else wants to sell to us, and we pay either by giving hard cash, pay with accepting the ideology, or pay with our freedom, or all three as they connected anyway. Not to say we should never trust another Brother or Sister with a message, but we still need to question.

Interesting what some more critical of the Obamamania are saying, that when a black person votes for an elected political official they are accepting the authority of the white system. I Overstand that, but also think that battles have to be fought on many levels, from the inside and outside of establishment. Both strategies together makes for a fuller chance of real change, (my word not Obama’s!), rather than only the freedom fighters on the outside. Not either/or, but both.

That is why if I had to make a decision I would say go for it Obama and prove yourself, and let’s see if you are a SoulJAH working on the inside, or a House Negro polishing the table. We been denied a voice for so long I say give him the platform and let’s see what action follows. But at same time iron sharpens iron so the sharp-eye criteria for questioning Obama will be even more valid after he wins. I am my brother’s keeper and it takes a village to raise a child, so if Obama messes up I have to be prepared to rebuke him, though with that same sense of responsibility I have to be prepared to also rebuke the drug dealer for being on my door step and rebuke my child for being rude to teacher. And with that same sense of justice, I have to be prepared to give credit to Obama when he has done good, to the drug dealer when refuses to sell to a child, and to my child when says please and thank you. It’s an idealist thought, but we are all Obama/McCain or whoever, and we are all Guevara/Tubman and other revolutionaries. Just depends on what we have to do on any given day, and if we are diplomatic to adjust to different situations. That’s another lesson to take from the Chinese. The Art of War.

No matter who wins out of Obama and McCain, that needs to be largely ignored by Guevara and Tubman as they have their Works to do, without distraction. The presidential campaign is not an irrelevant distraction, but it is proportionally insignificant in the global scheme of European White Supremacist Male downpression. When they vote for a black president in Italy, that will truly be The Day.

Bless up!


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There’s something in the air

On Obama day.

Something shifted in the ether

between I and I, you and me.

There’s something in the air today

here in the UK,

as across the globe

Black folk exchange glances with new scopes

Audacious hope

They now hold,

feeling bold.

There’s something,

New self-love?

Shared knowing?

New Pride is tangible for sure.

Maybe Love for their new white sisters and brothers,

emanates from those

once slave-traded to

Ameri-Carib shores.

Fighting to be emancipated, humanised, enfranchised.

Now accommodated in the still-White house.

But no dousing their ecstatic fires today.

Can they kick it?…

Yes they think they can today.

There’s something in the Ether.

Something Historic.

A media wet-dream.

The liberal Anchor-folk on NBC, BBC, CBC gushing

while watching

The expectant youth rushing

to the bullet-proof glass to see their new

Black president,

in the White house.

(Each reporter taking tongue to accent

The colour gag each and every time in that line they so favoured)

There is something in the African air

where villagers drape,

what US citizens today re-shaped.

That ensign the American flag.

Now owned by them and their son.

But Wait!

There’s something in the air of Time,

That African son

was long groomed for this victory.

Bred by a powerful bloodline,

With much,much money

and poor opposition.

I mean, come on – McCain and Palin!?

I daresay, Obama must be the Bankers’ boy

in Blackface.

Powerfully fed and bred

for their Imperial purpose.

The popular biographicals only tell

of one-side.

Fractured family trees.

Isn’t it magical!?

His Kenyan father had three families says daytime TV,

As they draw out the Obama-extendeds

for their fickle studio couches

from all corners of the globe.

The Pauper done good they say but…

There’s something not on the air,

in mainstream media.

No tracing of Obamic cousins

in the presidential and palatial bloodlines throughout the globe

These Princely connections

get no mention

on real television.

Only Youtube types upload, and try to connect the

Bush-Cheney-Powell-Roosevelt-Churchill-Obama ancestral links.

Like Glucksburg-Battenburg-Windsor methinks

And other such regal lines as kept by Burkes’

Carefully mapped.

There’s something in the blood, the DNA

Of these Leaders in the still-white house.

Who like leaders before them always knew

that colour was not a true differentiation

As they expanded in incestuous circles to run the world’s nations.

Descendents of those Leaders from the leading continent.

Egypt’s powerful dynasties.

There’s always something in the air

When a Real leader emerges.

The Weightiest of Expectations.

After reviving, in this case, the people’s love of the notion

And illusion – of Democracy.

What is in the air this 5th of November 2008?

We have to wait and see.

While we stand proud of our cousins in the states. The humble

Feeling united today, unaware of the swindle.
Their young and beautiful hope,

and world-changing aspirations.

43 years after the colored got the vote.

There’s something,

On this Guy Fawkes day, before bonfire night,

Where that foiled Regicidal terrorist is still celebrated with gunpowder games.

While booted-suited soldiers and sandaled-salwar kameezed Taliban warriors

Slug it out for real, under saltpetre skies.

With no True sense of why.

(Where only Montell Williams remembers them

And gets the sack for his patriotic showing.)

There’s something in this.

Though we have to wait to see

Where this audacious move leads.

To land a charismatic black to head the bunch

Of bankers getting bonuses & bailouts while the poor get crunched

And swindled once again.

The cynical, conspiratorially minded say…

There’s something.

While wondering what move ‘they’ are masking.

With this change, where there is

No substative change.

Though, undeniably,

a Symbolically charged motion

Since Dr. King shared his dream

in front of Eqypt’s borrowed Obelisk.

Before BO today makes history.

Being the pretty face to front the city-state of DC.

To charm away the final freedoms, maybe,

of the beautiful, hopeful, rainbow people.


The term starts here.

Breathe careful.

As the tinderbox of this personality cult takes hold.

And this great man holds a great nation in his palm.

On this great day,

We wish you America,

and pray for all Earth

that it is and can be

a Happy Obama day.

And see if he is allowed to do as he say


We know there’s something afoot

but what?

We will soon see.


5th November 2008

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