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In the debate(12 Nov ’07, Bristol), the issue of Black schools was raised by Lisa Blackwood. Drawing on evidence that ‘black boys are…you know what’, then why not schools for black boys?

There are such things around and they are proven to make a difference to some African children.  In the light of growing interest in faith schools and the recognition of single-gender schools to have a positive impact on educational achievement, then the logic bears out.

Trevor Phillips caused a storm in the media when he announced that the country should try such things if forty years of interventions are otherwise failing.

Meanwhile Cllr Peter Hammond was not keen on the idea of black schools. Since he believed school was a place we went for the opportunity to meet other cultures that lived around us. He was not the only one. The motion fell down on a straw poll.

In our 2000s mentality in the UK,  it doesn’t sound right to the ear. Surely that’s what we’ve been fighting and legislating against isn’t it. Leaving us all confused. 

And…”Ok then, what about if I said lets have a school for white boys then? ” – is the next reaction. “I wouldn’t be allowed to do that would I?”.  On on…

However, if you ask me school is for white boys. Everything about the system reflects the creator. Note the emphasis on boys too!  They are Euro-Masculo-centric systems. (don’t be fooled by the over-representation of female teaching staff!, I don’t think the system’s designed by women). Oh and ignoring the fact they do better at it then we boys.  In fact Cllr. Peter Hammond seemed to suggest that white working class boys were the only group consistently under-peforming the black boys. But if that’s what the new measuring tools say.  Does that mean a chnage in empahsis ahead?

Now don’t get me wrong I have lots of white friends. And male friends! But I know that ‘black’ schools. Let’s say African-centred then, can work well for some African children and their families.


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